Cooling systems manufactured by ROFIN meet the cooling requirements of demanding applications. Our cooling systems can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements...

Your benefit from our attention to detail is manyfold:

  • You receive a quality product manufactured to exact tolerance.
  • Long, efficient cooler life.
  • Serviceability.

During scheduled maintenance intervals, we will be prepared to service your cooler, keeping your down-time and long term maintenance costs to a minimum.


  • Air/Gas Coils
  • Air/Gas Preheating
  • Commercial Processes & Systems
  • Custom Applications, Processes, Systems, Construction & Materials
  • High Pressure Processes & Systems
  • High Temperature Processes & Systems
  • Industrial Processes & Systems
  • Power Plant Processes & Systems
  • Process Systems
  • Steel Industry Processes & Systems
  • Turbine/Turbo Machinery Systems

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