We work closely with customers to ensure adherence to design specifications, and our stringent quality procedures result in welds of the highest quality and strength...

ROFIN specializes in the manufacture of finned tubing and custom heat exchangers. We primarily fabricate helical finned tubing and various types of coolers: i.e.; hydrogen, air coolers, oil coolers, air compressor intercoolers and aftercoolers, etc. In addition, we creatively engineer and develop our products tailored to a customer’s needs in the areas of heat transfer.

Our tubes are made of the highest quality materials available, utilizing the most modern methods of obtaining a uniform metallurgical bond between fin and tube; thus, providing the highest quality heat transfer surface for any given size of tube and fin.

We are able to work with all the various welding and fabrication parameters and variables – base materials, filler materials and gases – to develop a fabrication procedure that we know is optimal. The result is long, trouble-free heat exchanger life.

Cooling systems manufactured by ROFIN meet the cooling requirements of demanding applications. Our cooling systems can be custom designed to meet your specific requirements.





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