Quality products result from using quality materials, quality staff, paying attention to details, and following tried-and-true procedures...

We perform inspections and test our products during and at the end of the manufacturing process to assure compliance with prescribed manufacturing processes. This provides customers with a superior product backed by our commitment to quality and durability.

The Basics

Our success is directly related to how well we master the basics of quality manufacturing. All measuring equipment is calibrated on a regular basis and our employees are continuously trained on various manufacturing methods, safety, and overall performance.

Our soldering process provides a perfect mechanical bond between the fin and tube, without compromising fin tolerance – this ensures the most efficient thermal transfer. The result of our quality control measures first becomes evident during the assembly of your cooler. Every component must fit perfectly…and they do! Components are sand blasted to remove impurities prior to finishing, which ensures a durable, long lasting final coating.

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